The 3-step “Quick and Dirty” Business Continuity Plan

If you just can’t spare the time to put together a full continuity plan, there are a few things you can do to pull together some basic pieces to tide you over until you can carve out some time to give it the proper attention. The following is a short outline to get your “quick and dirty” plan started:

  1. Document existing emergency procedures
  • Fire procedures
  • Inclement weather – electrical storms
  • Inclement weather – snow storms
  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Etc. – you may have threats specific to your area
  1. Document incidents
  • What was the cause of this incident? (fire, flood, etc.)
  • What procedures were invoked? (building evacuation, call for assistance, etc.)
  • What lessons were learned:
  1. Did everyone hear the alarm or get the message?
  2. Were any staff confused or followed the wrong procedure?
  3.  Were operations impacted in any way?
  4. Were there any issues resuming normal operations?

Resolve to carve out time on the calendar with your team to think through the rest of the scenarios you need to handle and put together a full Business Continuity Plan!


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