Protect Against this Electrical Surge

After seeing this photo of the surge that ran down the electrical wires in Louisiana, I knew I had to remind everyone that there IS a product that will protect your equipment from surges like that.  Normally, something that strong will blow right through your protective equipment and can still damage your electronics.

EMP Shield is different.  It shunts all that excess surge to ground in a nanosecond, which is before that surge can travel to anything else in your home or small business.  If necessary, it will sacrifice itself to save your equipment.  This photo probably represents a situation where the EMP Shield will sacrifice itself and then need to be replaced – for just a small replacement fee.

I became interested in the EMP Shield because a) it’s made in the USA, b) it’s made in my home state, and c) our chimney was hit by lightning several years ago and I personally know the damage that can cause.

Not only does this product protect from surges from the outside like this one, but it also protects from surges that come from inside.  For a manufacturer, that could happen when a large piece of equipment is powered down, releasing excess capacity back into your lines.  This product will protect your equipment from your other equipment.

Or if you have a faulty appliance, that can cause an internal surge which can, in turn, damage more equipment.  Again, the EMP Shield will protect everything else from that one faulty appliance.

Think about all of your appliances.  How many these days do NOT depend on some electronics to run?  Not many anymore.  That means that everything else needs protection.  Do you have a surge protector for your washer or dryer?  Your refrigerator?  Where would you even obtain one for those items?  With an EMP Shield installed, they are all covered – as well as the items you don’t even think about that now run on electronics, like that new plug-in air freshener that has a circuit board to balance the level of air freshener released.  Not that it is expensive enough to need protection, but you get the idea – virtually everything runs on electronics.

Which means that, without protection, a surge like this one pictured could wipe out more than you think.  When the electricity comes back on, how many of your devices will work?  Protect them all now, before electrical storm season hits!

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