Lightning Strike Damage Diverted by EMP Shield

Lightning Strike Damage Diverted by EMP Shield

Lightning Strike Damage Diverted by EMP Shield

On the morning of Tuesday, February 20, 2018, a lightning storm moved through Kansas. One of the
power lines within 100 feet of the KanSeal building was struck by lightning. The power surge was
diverted through the EMP Shield installed on the main power supply (3 phase 277/480 Volts). The
breaker on the main power supply was tripped, and the EMP Shield was destroyed while diverting the
power surge. The main breaker was reset and power was returned to the KanSeal Building.Lightning Strike Damage Diverted by EMP Shield

None of the CNC Machinery, computers, or electronic equipment in the building was affected by the lightning strike. In addition, a second EMP Shield installed on a branch circuit supplying 3 Phase 120/208 Volt
power was not damaged by the power surge.

Protected From Damage

For the cost of around $300.00, the KanSeal Building was protected from lightning strike damage during this storm, which is significantly less than the deductible on the building’s insurance.

It took the KanSeal Electrical Engineer less than 15 minutes to install a new EMP Shield on the building’s main power supply. The EMP Shield was both inexpensive and easy to install/reinstall while providing protection of the company assets.

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