Is thunderstorm season over yet???

Many of us have had excess rain this year, accompanied by lightning!  As I’m talking with customers this summer, it seems that this rain may never end.  You may have had several opportunities so far to practice your bad-weather emergency plans with your staff.  Hopefully you’ve noted down some of the following from those experiences:

  • Did everyone properly hear the siren/announcement?
  • Did everyone know where they were supposed to go for shelter and get there promptly?
  • Was a key person ever on vacation during one of the storm events, and if so, was their backup properly prepared to handle that portion? (Communication/monitoring for all-clear/securing assets/etc.?)
  • Was appropriate action taken after the event to correct any deficiencies noted in the plan or the execution of the plan?
  • Did you suffer an event that you hadn’t accounted for in your plan? For instance, did you have unexpected flooding? Perhaps due to an unexpected source?

Update the plan now before you forget what you just learned!

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