Getting Started with your Business Continuity Plan

If you have never put together a Business Continuity Plan, then the Getting Started Guide is the place to start. Use this resource in conjunction with the BCP Development Outline. These resources introduce several concepts and help you start to think about your business in those terms. A Recovery Time Objective is the amount of time you can be without a specific resource or function before your business starts to suffer, and may be applied to any resource including vehicles, software, water or power, etc.

A Recovery Point Objective is unique to your computer systems. This drives your strategy for backing up your information. If you have everything “in the cloud”, you probably are getting virtually real-time backups that you aren’t even aware of. However, if you have a server in your office where you house your customer database or accounting or other critical information, you need to figure out how much you would have to re-create if you lost a day, or hour of normal daily transactions. Then you’ll know what sort of backup strategy you need.

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