EMP Shield Benefits

EMP Shield benefits:

  • Protect every outlet from strong surges, such as lightning
  • Protect individual equipment from surges – including those produced by your other equipment
  • Avoid costly maintenance or repairs on expensive equipment
  • Continue functioning when a competitor might not be able to
  • Avoid replacement costs and downtime on electronic equipment
  • Tested to exceed military standards

What could go wrong without an EMP Shield in place?

  • Find yourself competing with others for replacement equipment after an electrical event
  • Expensive maintenance or repairs on CNC machines
  • Unexpected loss or damage to equipment, because you didn’t realize it relied on electronics
  • Sudden need to replace all your battery-backup devices

Why do I need an EMP Shield?

This device does not replace your battery backup devices.  It adds to the protection you have in place.

Under the right circumstances, you could experience damage to a lot of battery backup devices and suddenly have to replace them all.  This one device, for roughly the cost of one battery backup device, will protect all of them from surges above the level they are rated to handle.

There is nothing else on the commercial market that is rated to handle spikes as quickly as this device.  It has been tested and exceeds military standards (MIL-STD-188-125-1).  During testing, this device handled over 40 simulated EMP surges without degradation.  Competing products fail after half a dozen.