Business Impact Analysis

In the Business Impact Analysis, you list the different functions of your business, and rank the function in terms of High, Medium, or Low impact on your business’s success (hint: if you mark any activity Low Impact, consider outsourcing it – it probably isn’t worth your time to do it yourself).  Then consider how long you could keep your doors open if you couldn’t provide that function either to your customers or for yourself. Then break down the impact on different business units.

The most interesting and helpful item in this resource is applying actual dollars to each function for a given amount of time – an hour, a day, a week, etc.  This can be very difficult to determine, but if you start attempting to quantify it, you will realize that you can find ways to do that and refine it over time. The insight this will provide into your business is valuable in many ways beyond just your Business Continuity Plan, but business owners often don’t make the time to determine this. I seriously encourage you to work on this – you will find many benefits you hadn’t even considered from making this effort.

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