6 Signs You Might be Lucky

You might be lucky if:

  • Despite a lack of a business continuity plan, you stay in business following a disaster – that would put you in a small group of 10%!
  • You never have an electrical storm that affects the power in your area.
  • You have never experienced even a mild electrical surge.
  • The only time your computer systems were down were when you were closed and had time to reload and bring them back up before the office opened again.
  • There has never been a fire in your building or a reason to evacuate.
  • You have never experienced an event requiring you and your staff to take shelter.

If you’re one of the few who can go through life with “the luck of the Irish”, good for you!  But the rest of us need a plan.

A disaster recovery or business continuity plan will help you quickly prioritize and organize the critical items you need to stay in business following a disaster, or even just a minor emergency.  When something unexpected happens, your thought processes might be just a little disorganized, and you will certainly be interrupted as you try to figure out what to do.

With a plan in place, you don’t have to depend on luck – you have written procedures in place to quickly refer to as needed, allowing you and your staff to ensure everyone’s safety first, followed by ensuring the ongoing viability of your business.  You will have already determined what it most critical and will have put in as many preventive measures as possible.

I have resources available on my website to help you put a plan in place – please utilize them!  They are all free, and will help you prioritize and organize your thinking.  And if there is a place in your plan to consider protecting all of your electronics from surges, I hope you’ll take a look at the EMP Shield product I represent.  I believe it’s a logical element of almost any business continuity plan, preventing damage to expensive equipment.

Check it out today!

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