3 steps to taking a real vacation!

Be honest – how many years has it been since you actually took a vacation and checked out of all work responsibilities?  How long has it been since you could be gone more than two days without paying dearly for it when you got back?

Photo by chen zo on Unsplash

We’ve been doing more with less people for decades now, so those left to do the work are always overburdened.  Here are three steps that might help you take a vacation and truly be able to disconnect:

  • Document your regular tasks. Nobody likes to document anything, and we all know that as soon as it’s written down, it’s obsolete.  However, nobody stands a chance of being able to do things for you if there are no instructions – even dated ones are better than none.
  • Always be training your backup person. Knowledge is power, and some people have a lot of trouble sharing that.  If you’re one of those, you’ll always have trouble taking vacation, because nobody else can replace you.  If that’s your preference, just be aware that it’s a reason you can’t disconnect.
  • Ensure your business continuity plan has a chain of command listed in it. This will make it easier to distribute responsibilities that might arise while you’re on vacation.

Here’s hoping you have a great summer and get an actual vacation!

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