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Midwest Concrete Materials, a provider of construction materials and services with several locations in the state of Kansas, protects their equipment with EMP Shield.

Their location near Perry, KS, seems particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes, having been hit more than once. But the strike a couple of years ago was more damaging than any they had previously experienced.

Although their insurance covered it, their agent also told them they needed to find some way to protect their high-end equipment better. After about a year of searching for a solution, they noticed an article about EMP Shield.

Now they have several units just at that location – one for the equipment they most needed to protect, another to protect the computer that was also damaged beyond repair, plus the battery backup/surge protector it was connected to, and a third in another office on the premises.

They are still in the process of rolling this out to all of their locations.

Midwest Concrete Materials
Perry, KS

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